Sarah Jessica Parker’s harassed by her bodyguard


Scary experience for Sarah Jessica Parker in Russia.

Decked out like Little Red Riding Hood, the Sex and the City star appeared at Moscow’s Bolshoi Theater to promote her new movie I Don’t Know How She Does It.

Enter Oleg Donstov, the local body guard who was hired to make sure no one will try to harm or harass her. Well, in an awkward turn of events, at the end of the night Donstov reportedly ripped his shirt open for Parker to sign his chest, and after that he leaned in and tried to kiss her.

Yikes. Parker screamed and pushed Donstov away, and now he will probably lose his job and his wife, who watched the incident on TV.

Dontsov said: “I shouldn’t have done that as a professional but I couldn’t believe Sarah Jessica Parker was there, that close to me. Home life could be even more difficult but I’ll try to buy some roses and smooth things over.”

Do you think Matthew Broderick is gonna go to Moscow to kick his ass?

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