Violence Erupts At Tel Aviv J14 Protests


Social protests in Israel turned violent Wednesday night, according to the J14Eng Twitter handle, which collects tweets including the #J14 hashtag and translates them into English.

An article posted on Yedidot Achronot’s website at 7:22 Israel time said Tel Aviv police had arrested 20 social demonstrators after the forced eviction of several encampments by city inspectors.

A steady stream of tweets painted a picture of increasing chaos, with one participant tweeting under the handle @j14mobile putting the number of arrests at 40, with some beaten.

Protestors were blocking Ibn Gabriol Street going south, according to @elad_rosen. Other protestors such as @Chen_A were calling for a rush on City Hall, while @Zivpug circulated a map purporting to show the location of Tel Aviv mayor Ron Huldai’s home. Some tweets accused police officers of specific acts of violence and named them.

“Very violent arrests in front of city hall now,” wrote @elad_rosen. A video sent via Twitter shows the angry crowd chanting.