ESPN boots fantasy football leagues with anti-Semitic names from website


NEW YORK (JTA) – ESPN removed from its fantasy football website user-generated leagues with anti-Semitic names.

The names of some of the leagues included “Jews are Immoral” and “Jews Are Terrible.” They displayed banners and mottos like “Burn Jews Wherever Possible" and “Jews love pennies.”

Rabbi Abraham Cooper, associate dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, was notified of the anti-Semitic rhetoric when a Jewish father stumbled upon them as he was trying to sign up his son for the virtual football league.

Cooper was able to identify four anti-Semitic leagues, which have since been removed from the site by ESPN.

“ESPN responded quickly and in good faith to our concerns and we trust that ESPN will take all the necessary steps to make it as difficult as possible for any racist or anti-Semite to leverage their popular site,” Cooper said in a press release. 

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