Calif. apartment complex won’t put up with putting up sukkah


(JTA) — A dispute over a sukkah in the common area of an apartment complex in Palo Alto, Calif., could mean that Christmas trees will be nixed, too.

The Sheridan Apartments affordable housing complex in Palo Alto told Abraham Berman, 81, that he could not erect a homemade sukkah, as he has done for the past 11 years, the Palo Alto Weekly reported.

Berman told the publication that he enjoyed erecting the sukkah to honor his faith and to allow his neighbors to share in the experience.

Berman told The Palo Alto Housing Corp. officials that he should be able to temporarily erect the sukkah, just as his neighbors put up Christmas trees in common areas during the holiday season. The officials reportedly said that they would no longer allow the Christmas trees as well. 

According to the apartment rules, "No household or other property may be stored in the patio area, balcony, deck, landing, or anywhere outside the unit."

Berman cannot put the sukkah on his private porch because it is covered by a roof. 

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