Candy factory of horrors


Jack-Lantern (CC)

For the most part, JTA coverage of Halloween doesn’t offer too many treats. Stories are divided into groups: debates over trick-or-treating and eruptions of anti-Jewishviolence. But search for "candy factory," sort by oldest first and you’ll see this 1928 horror story rise from the Jewish news graveyard:


Another case of anti-Semitic mistreatment of a Jewish worker in a Charkoff factory is reported by "Der Stern," Charkoff Communist paper.

The Jewish worker, Shor, in the candy factory, Roiter Konditor, was maltreated by the non-Jewish workers. Other 500 workers in the factory, only ten are Jews. The worker Sapozhnikov tormented Shor until he fell unconseious. He was taken to the hospital where he was kept for two weeks, and finally discharged still suffering from the effects of the concussion.

When Shor returned to the factory the rest of the workers jeered at him, saying to Sapozhnikov. "It is a pity you did not kill him. There would be one Jew less." Shor was dismissed with the explanation that there was a reduction being made in the staff.

Shor pleaded he was the only bread-winner in his family where there was sickness and urged that employees taken on later than he should be dismissed first. His pleas were ignored.

The paper demands a rigorous investigation of the events in the factory.

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