disappointing debut for Jonah Hill’s ‘Allen Gregory’


Allen Gregory, not a promising start for Jonah Hill's new show

Sunday night Jonah Hill joined Matt Groening and Seth MacFarlane as a full-fledged member of FOX’s Sunday night animated strip with his new show, Allen Gregory. 

However, unlike his experienced peers, Hill’s debut with the “Animation Domination” was anything but dominating. Allen Gregory, Hill’s new show about a middle school boy-genius, got a pretty legit time slot, right after The Simpson’s annual “Treehouse of Horror” Halloween special, and while the latter attracted 8 million viewers (4th of major networks, number 1 was the Eagles-Cowboys game on NBC), Allen Gregory brought only 4.7 million viewers to FOX. That is a pretty disappointing number for a show that’s between The SImpsons and Family Guy, which attracted 6 million viewers.

And if that’s not bad enough, the reviews for Allen Gregory were pretty, well, mediocre. The Washington Post calls the show a “coy but limp attempt at a new Sunday night cartoon show on Fox,” and Gregory a “boy who’s impossible to like.”  The New York Daily News says that Gregory is “more annoying than the trust-fund brats on ‘Gossip Girl’ or ‘90210,’” and USA Today says the show is “nasty, brutish and hopefully short-lived.”

Ouch. Is it because much like the “new” Hill, Gregory is also skinny? Maybe they should paint a few extra pounds on him to make him funnier…

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