Selma Blair talks about Israel, calls herself Bat Sheva


The new Versace H&M collection was revealed at a glamorous event in New York City last week and attracted media from all over the world. The Israeli show “Entertainment News” of the channel HOT Israeli network was also present, and the reporter did what every self-respecting Israeli reporter does: Ask the celebrities questions about Israel.

This time the victims were Nicki Minaj and Selma Blair.

When Minaj was asked about a possible visit to the holyland, Minaj said she “would love to, but only next year, when my second album is out.”

Blair, who admitted she bought her maternity clothes at H&M, immediately said “Shalom!” when the reporter identified himself. She also said, “I’d love to visit Israel, I haven’t been there in 20 years!”

And of course, some Hebrew to make everyone happy: “Toda Raba, shmi Bat Sheva, Layla Tov.” (Thank you very much, my name is Bat Sheva, good night)

Nothing better than a Hebrew-speaking celebrity to make the Israelis proud.

Watch the video here, most of it is in Hebrew so skip to the 3:20 mark.



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