Political Points: Wasserman Schultz vs. ‘Zero,’ Abramoff vs. Gingrich, Sherman’s nod


WASSERMAN SCHULTZ BLASTS ‘ZERO’: DNC chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz plays the Israel card against Republican presidential hopefuls, taking them to task over their support of a proposal to revamp the way foreign aid is doled out.

SHERMAN DEMS: Rep. Brad Sherman of California, facing off in a redistricting-induced reelection fight against fellow Jewish Democrat Rep. Howard Berman, lands the endorsement of an umbrella group for San Fernando Valley Democratic clubs.

ABRAMOFF VS. GINGRICH: Disgraced former lobbyist and ex-con Jack Abramoff questions the ethics of the surging Newt Gingrich.

SHOAH BILL HEARING: Yesterday the House Foreign Affairs Committee heard testimony on a bill that would enable Holocaust survivors to sue foreign insurance companies, but that has pit some survivor groups against leading Jewish organizations.

RUBIN VS. GOLDBERG: The Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin and The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg go back and forth and back again over President Obama and Israel. 

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