LGBT survey launched for Jewish non-profits


NEW YORK (JTA) – The Human Rights Campaign has launched a survey to measure LGBT inclusion at Jewish non-profits, believed to be the first study of its kind. 

Known as the Jewish Organization Equality Index, the survey has been in development for 10 months while a Human Rights Campaign  program manager consulted with Jewish leaders, executives and clergy on how to most effectively rate workplace policies as related to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employees in Jewish organizations. The survey was released on Monday and a final report will be released this spring. 

HRC suggests in a statement on its website that Jewish non-profit organizations participated in the study because LGBT Jews make up approximately 7 percent of the Jewish community. HRC also claims that the Jewish Organization Equality Index is mirrored after basic Jewish ideals such as kavod habrivot, the idea that every person is deserving of basic dignity and respect.  

The index is modeled after the HRC’s Corporate Equality Index and Healthcare Equality Index.  

The study will be available for eligible organizations until March.  

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