Chasidic history heist sours Lubavitch wedding


Talk about wedding crashers.


On Dec. 1, 1928, this news bulletin struck horror in the hearts of Hasidic history buffs:

Warsaw, Nov. 30 (JTA) –  Important historic documents throwing light on the origin of the Chassidic movement were stolen in the excitement at the wedding of the daughter of Rabbi Jacob Joseph Schneursohn, the Lubawitscher Rebbe who came from Riga for the marriage ceremony …

In the excitement which reigned during the festivities a package of manuscripts, said to have contained letters written by the Baal Shem Tov. the founder of the Chassidic movement, in his own handwriting, and of Rabbi Schneur Zalman, the grandfather of the Lubawitscher Rebbe and the founder of the Chabbad Chassidic school. disappeared. The documents, prized highly because of their rarity, were brought by the bridegroom’s grandfather as a wedding gift.

Image: Portrait of Schneur Zalman of Liadi, the first Lubavitcher rebbe.

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