Fat Pharaoh blamed for Israelites’ exodus


Why did the Jews cross the Red Sea?

Because Pharaoh was too fat to chase them.

You won’t find that one in a joke book, though.


Sonile Pharoah Was Too Fat to Chase Jews (published Dec. 8, 1929)

Santa Monica, Cal, Dec. 6 (JTA) – The Jews who fied from ancient Egypt can thank their escape to the corpulence of Pharoah Merneptah, who carried too much avordupois to lead his people after the escaping Israelites. Such was the statement made here yesterday by Dr. Roy L. Moody, specialist in skin diseases, who has just returned from Egypt after making intensive studies of Egyptian mummies.

According to Dr. Moody, the Pharaoh was so senile at the time of the Exodus that he had to send his officers in pursuit of the Jews, and when they returned without the Jews, he was heart-broken.

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