The best of the #HermanCainAsDrake hashtag


It’s been almost a week since Herman Cain announced that he is suspending his campaign and the world is, well, still making fun of him.

It’s not like the GOP race isn’t entertaining enough as it is, but there was something special about Cain, the underdog turned front runner accused of sexual misconduct. And so, while the Jon Stewarts and David Lettermans continued to poke fun at the Messiah of Godfather’s Pizza, a hilarious twitter hashtag (categorized topic) emerged: #hermancainasdrake. Or, in other words, what would happen if instead of discussing what went wrong with his campaign, Cain would just sing it like popular rapper Drake?

In case you’re wondering, Drake songs have a pretty simple pattern: a thought, followed by a name of a person who has a connection to the line, followed by another thought, then another name, and both names have to rhyme. Most tweets were created by comedian Elon James White, creator of, who according to VLAD claims that “Herman Cain talks about his success and issues with women way too much. He’s the ‘Drake of Politics.'”

Here are some highlights:


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