Facebook is suing Mark Zuckerberg


Courtesy of Sean MacEntee

No, really. In possibly the best exhibition of Israeli humor, a man born Rotem Guez recently changed his name to Mark Zuckerberg, for no other reason than to mess with the Facebook mogul himself. A self-made entrepreneur, Guez started a “Like Store” where businesses could buy “likes” for their Facebook pages. Since this clearly violates the social network’s policies, Facebook is suing Zuckerberg nee Guez.

In true Israeli fashion, the man refuses to step down. Not only did he seriously, totally, OFFICIALLY change his name to Mark Zuckerberg, but he also started markzuckerbergofficial.com in an effort to garner support. In a recent article in the Huffington Post, parts of an email were republished in which new Zuckerberg explained (horrific grammar intact and all) the motives behind his awesomely ridiculous game:

Facebook decided to sue me after i myself, filed a law suit against them, in Israel. i wanted that once they sue me, they’ll face suing “Mark Zuckerberg”. Facebook accused me of selling ficticious “Likes”, which is not true, our “Likes” come from real users who want to receive our content, and instead of paying us with money, they pay us with “Likes”. The idea was, if only “Mark Zuckerberg” is allowed to sell likes, then for that matter, i’m “Mark Zuckerberg”.

Haha! In your face, Facebook! Israelis rule*, you drool, because now you are suing someone with the same name as your founder. Gotcha!

* In addition to this awesome stunt, Israel does happen to be on the verge of curing cancer. Let’s all hope that is most often thought to be Israel’s lasting legacy, rather than this proverbial “nah nah nuh boo boo, stick your head in doo doo.”

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