Happy Chanukah from Hollywood!


Seems like celebs enjoy celebrating the Festival of Lights just as much as the wee folk do! Here are a few examples of our favorite famous Tribers getting in the holiday spirit:

Courtesy of Aviv Hod (don't look vegan to me!)

Alicia Silverstone’s 8 days of vegan cheer: In line with her green-loving beliefs, Alicia Silverstone is posting eight days of traditional Jewish recipes on her vegan cooking site, thekindlife.com. Her first recipe is for vegan challah, which although is not specifically Chanukah-esque, makes Alicia nostalgic for her glory days as a Sunday school California girl: “When I was a wee girl at Hebrew school…that’s right, Hebrew school three times a week and Friday night services once a month, I remember the greatest challah bread ever…we made it ourselves, all the little people!” she says in her intro. Poor girl needs to get ready for a little disappointment—vegan challah is never as good as the sugary white bread we make in preschool!


Chozen Ice cream

Gwyneth Paltrow loves her some Chanukah… ice cream???: Hmm. Someone needs to let this girl know that Chanukah is about fried deliciousness, which is totally unrelated to matzoh crunch ice cream (ew). However, she sho’ is rich and beautiful and therefore gets to do what she wants, including celebrating holidays in unconventional ways. People magazine reported that during the holiday, Gwyn likes to indulge in Chozen brand ice cream, which sells flavors such as coconut macaroon, Ronne’s Rugelach, and (specially made for this time of year) Chanukah Gelt. Mmm, sounds like a delicious latke dessert! (Awesome Jew bonus: Jon Stewart and Andy Samberg also allegedly indulge in the delicious treats!)


Latkes! (courtesy of Daniel Spils)

Brooke Burke loves her some family time: The Dancing with the Stars bombshell is more than just a pretty face—she has a beautiful neshama too! Apparently, she lights the candles and says the prayers with her family every Chanukah. She even reported that her daughter Neriyah (appropriate holiday name, eh?) absolutely LOVES latkes. Whatta beautiful Yiddishe family Brooke Burke has!




Anyway, chag sameach to all us Regular Joes as well as the pretty people that represent us in Hollywood.

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