Adam Lambert gives his boyfriend the ol’ 1, 2


Courtesy of Greg Hernandez

Former “American Idol” runner-up Adam Lambert was arrested in Finland on Thursday night with his boyfriend (and “Big Brother” star) Sauli Koskinen after the two were thrown out of a bar for getting into a fistfight … with each other. The boys were charged with multiple assault charges and just barely managed to avoid some heavy time in the Finnish slammer. After they were released around 6 AM, they reportedly got some burgers and made up.

Okay, okay, okay. All you Judg-y McJudgersons out there can just calm yourselves. Who hasn’t gotten into a public brawl with their significant other? Or commented that “publicity is not easy, but also celebrities are just human. Love is not easy either, but it lasts forever!”? And then continued on like beating the crap out of each other is no big deal?

Let’s just say, it’s exhilarating.

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