CNN’s list of celebrity health stories of 2011


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CNN came out with a list of the top celebrity health stories of 2011, and Tribe members have certainly made their mark. Sure, Charlie Sheen and Kate Middleton may top the list for their respective issues (Sheen, of course, for being crazy, and Middleton sure lost a lot of pre-wedding weight) but Jewish celebrities had an interesting year health-wise as well.

If you want to see the full slideshow click here, but these are the Jewish highlights:

  • Daniel Radcliffe’s admission that he was alcohol-dependent during the filming of Harry Potter threw people for a loop.
  • Jonah Hill’s weight loss spurred a discussion about the body image ideal for comedians. Many believe that his recently bland personality shows that funniness doesn’t coexist well with skinniness. Does Sarah Silverman’s bony frame support or reject this hypothesis? Discuss.
  • Of course, the biggest Jewish health story of the year revolves around Amy Winehouse’s tragic death. The story of a good maideleh gone bad will be a warning for generations to come.

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