Israel and apartheid: Ron Paul makes a grown woman cry


First the caveats: I have no idea who this is. I have no idea who made the video or why. I have no idea why anyone would give "Liberty Defined" to anyone as a Christmas present.

But yes, Ron Paul’s reference in his book to Israel as practicing "apartheid" apparently upset this woman to the point of tears.

Daniel Treiman did a little research, and the offending passage is here, on page 317:


Meanwhile, within Israeli politics, there is a great deal of debate and diversity of opinion. The Liberal party in Israel often raises questions about the apartheid conditions that Palestinians are subjected to. Even newspapers in Israel are willing to discuss this issue openly, but it is essentially never permitted in the United States. Former President Jimmy Carter is now persona non grata for raising the question in his most recent book, Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid. J. Street, a new pro-Israel Washington PAC, is challenging AIPAC’s monopoly control of the discussion of U.S.-Israeli relations in the United States. The group Peace Now also strives to change the tone and essence of the debate.

Other American Jews have spoken out against Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians as well. The American Council for Judaism is growing in influence in the American Jewish community, especially with the younger generation. Though it’s argued that Jews are motivated to immigrate to Israel because they were exiled from Palestine, only a small fraction of American Jews ever moved to Israel.

Even given all of this, my position on Israel is the same as my position with regard to any other country. I favor a noninterventionist position, consistent with what the American Founders favored and what the Constitution enshrines. I would like a policy of peace, friendship, and trade—and no intervention in any country’s internal affairs.

So many questions.

The Liberal Party? The one that disappeared inside the Likud a couple of decades ago?

And how did she get as far as page 317?

Anyhoo, if she’d just kept with it for another graf, her tears would surely have turned to laughter at the notion that the American Council for Judaism is growing anything.

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