James Franco and Mila Kunis are officially the sexiest of the sexy


Courtesy of Flickr

…single Jews in Hollywood, that is. According to a very scientific and objective study conducted by Jewcier.com, Franco and Kunis were found to be the sexiest male and female single Yids. Out of thousands of votes cast by singles that frequent the dating site, Franco received 43.9% of the vote for sexiest male and Kunis received 36.9% of the vote for sexiest female.

Other top male contenders were Jake Gyllenhaal (25.61%) and Joseph Gordon Levitt (my personal favorite, at 12.2%). The females included Israeli beauty Bar Refaeli (17.86%) and screen siren Scarlett Johansson (only 13.1% … are people crazy?! I bet that girl even has sexy morning breath).

While the nominees were certainly all of high caliber, Relationship Advisor for Jewcier.com Shira Kallus can get behind the winners.

“[James Franco] is the complete package: author, poet, actor, director and screenwriter,” she said. “The only thing missing from his resume is ‘doctor’, but we’ll give him time.” As for Kunis, an article on PRweb.com speculates that the hot “Jewish girl on Jewish girl scenes that she shared with Natalie Portman in last year’s “Black Swan” is what shot Mila into first place.

Congrats to the hot winners. Not that you two need any more validation, but Jewz Newton supports these poll results wholeheartedly (knowing in my heart that JoGo is an acquired taste, of course)!

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