Alicia Silverstone’s son wins the “Worst Celebrity Baby Boy’s Name of 2011” contest


Baby Blu Jarecki will grow up to be either the cool kid with a funky name, or just a total nerd whose moniker will forever haunt him. Either way, it was sort of a jerky move on mother Alicia Silverstone’s part to take that risk. And the merciless teasing has officially started, with Baby Blu winning the title of worst celeb baby name of 2011, tied with Mariah Carey’s son Moroccan.

The poll was taken through with over 10,000 responses, so there is no way the poor guy is gonna be like, “Sorry if you don’t like my name, but that’s just your opinion.” It’s apparently EVERYONE’S opinion, my little blu friend.

To be honest, I sort of like both Baby Blu and Moroccan. At the very least, they are better than the winner of worst celebrity baby girl’s name: Zuzu Peterson.

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