Drake reacts to the woman who tattooed his name on her forehead


A few months ago a girl who happens to be a crazy Drake fan (or a crazy girl who happens to be a Drake fan?) tattooed Drake’s name in big bold letters on her forehead.

Many people wondered what Drizzy thought about the gesture, and while he didn’t really have a problem with the fact that his name is permanently placed on someone’s forehead (she also shaved her eyebrows, did you notice that?) his main rant was with the tattoo artist. Understandably so, since it really looks like crap.

Drake told website MandoFresko last week: “the guy who tatted it is a f***ing a**hole…. you should never do tattoos again. And if I ever see you I’m gonna f*** you up…”

Ah, keeping it classy, just like his fans.

Watch the interview. It’s not censored so get ready for some f-bombs.

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