Possibility of Drake at Mall of America drives people bat crazy


You think malls were crazy in the weeks leading up to Christmas? Well, Boxing Day is apparently when the mass hysteria REALLY comes alive.

On December 26th, nine people were arrested at the Mall of America after rumors started circulating that Drake was on the premises. Reportedly, things got totally insane — people started throwing chairs and tables across the food court, and fists were a’flyin. Basically, it was like one of those cute food fights they have in movies like “Hook” and “Bratz” except with obese, middle class Americans pummeling one another in front of Sbarros.

And can you really blame them? I mean, when you are in a mall with an aquarium, golf course, and a flight simulator, why wouldn’t you want to tear fellow shoppers apart to get a glimpse of a moderately successful Canadian?

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