Lea Michele might boycott New York!


Horse activist

Someone is making a big stink over horse poop, and that someone is Lea Michele. The “Glee” star has been lobbying to keep horse-drawn carriages off New York City streets, and it seems like she is getting real serious about her demands.

First, she starred in a PETA commercial decrying the mistreatment of Central Park horses. Then, after a video surfaced of horses collapsing on the street, Michele began tweeting mayor Michael Bloomberg: “please listen to the thousands of people who are saying that they no longer want horse & carriage rides in this city,” she begged. After that plea didn’t shake him up, Michele took to Twitter with some threats: “New York, u know how much I love you. But if I see another horse & carriage struggling in this winter weather I may not be able 2 be here.”

Whaaaaat?? Does this mean that Rachel Berry will refrain from visiting her Broadway Mecca? Is this really the last we will see of Lea Michele in New York? And why is PETA so angry all the time?

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