Natalie Portman visits her roots


What a beautiful Ema!

After a short stint in France visiting Benjamin’s family, the Portman-Millipied clan (including baby Alef!) enjoyed a week-long vacation in Israel. According to Ynet news, the couple stayed at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem and traveled throughout the country, including Tel Aviv and the Dead Sea. Portman was spotted leaving a note at the Western Wall, sipping coffee with friends at cafes around Jerusalem, and shopping at Machane Yehuda market. Although the fam tried to keep things low key by traveling in tinted-window cars and using fake names to check into hotels, Nat was reportedly very nice to fans who came up to her in public!

Oh, those kids. Just like every normal couple, Benjamin and Natalie are showing off their new son, bringing him to the grandparents so they can brag to their friends. I can just hear Mrs. Hershlag now: “Judy, have you seen pictchas of my new grandson Alef? He’s so smart already, I’m telling you! Just the other day he nodded when I told him he was perfect. Knock on wood, he’ll grow up to be just as gorgeous as his motha.”

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