Bloomberg goes Gaga


Rated XXX for X-tra sexy!

In possibly the most unlikely pairing of the holiday season (egg nog and matzo ball soup are delicious together, ok??), Lady Gaga and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg shared a midnight smooch at the Times Square New Year’s ball drop.

The mayor was decked out in a fantastic sweater that would be welcome at any self-respecting Christmas party (in the Midwest, at least) while Gaga was just wearing some old thing she found in her closet. Anyway, the ball hit the ground, the champagne was popped, and Bloomberg’s guppy mouth found its way onto Lady Gaga’s glittery smackers.

Sure, the kiss was only a peck, but it was the peck heard around 2012. Who doesn’t love watching a politician and a walking circus make out? This literally had nothing on Jenny McCarthy kissing the cop, or me sitting on the couch kissing my hand any other famous New Year’s kisses. When asked about the evening later on, Bloomberg reportedly said that the best kiss of the night came afterwards (referring to sharing a smooch with his girlfriend Diane Taylor, one can only assume). 

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