Mauritania says it uncovered Israel spy network


(JTA) — Officials in the Islamic Republic of Mauritania claim to have uncovered an Israeli spy network operating in the country.

The Mossad operatives were involved in the assassination of Hamas commander Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai in 2010 and the blowing-up of an Ethiopian airplane with a Hezbollah target on board, the Al-Manar news service reported Wednesday, citing the Mauritanian daily Al-Huriyeh.

The network was made up Arab businessmen and activists from various countries recruited by the Mossad, according to Al-Huriyeh.

Mauritanian police reportedly arrested a suspected Mossad agent carrying documents related to a confession that he worked for the Mossad. He said in the document that he would provide detailed information about Mossad operations in Mauritania. 

Mauritania broke diplomatic ties with Israel In 2009 over Israel’s monthlong war with Gaza, and completely broke ties the following year, more than a decade after formalizing diplomatic relations.

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