Jewish inmate files lawsuit over kosher meals


(JTA) — A Jewish prison inmate has filed a complaint alleging that the Nevada Department of Corrections is refusing to serve him kosher meals.

It is the second time that Howard Ackerman has taken legal action to ensure that he receives kosher food. In a lawsuit filed last week, Ackerman, 50,  said he was transferred to a new prison, where he cannot get kosher food, in retaliation for the first lawsuit.

The first suit, filed last June, followed reports that the Nevada Department of Corrections would be discontinuing kosher meals. Ackerman, an Orthodox Jew who is serving a life sentence for kidnapping. complained then that the prison system would be violating the First Amendment’s protection of his free practice of religion.

After the lawsuit, the prison system said it was changing its meal plan but would not discontinue inmates’ kosher meals.


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