James Franco to play sleazy pick-up artist in adaptation of “The Game”


No people were harmed and/or find partners to have sex with during the making of this book

Have you ever heard of The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists?

If not, you may have been a victim of it. That is, if you are women who was tricked into feeling insecure about yourself by a man who was desperately trying to get you to sleep with him. Or the other way around — I mean, I’m sure women do it too.

Anyway, this wonderful masterpiece is now in the process of becoming a movie. Seriously. And who better to play the role of author Neil Strauss, aka the guru of pickup artists, than James Franco!?!

That’s right, James Franco is the new Hitch. To be honest, as a person who used to laugh at his friends for actually following the book’s advice (they never got laid, before or after), I cannot wait to see how this thing turns out.

I, for one, think that a better adaptation would have been that “Criminal Minds” episode where investigators chase after a man who is seducing and murdering women after taking a pick-up workshop that is oh so similar to “The Game.” That’s a movie right there. I think Franco should star in that one too.

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