Unusual Friday the 13th baby stories


Flloyd Olson
First Friday the 13th. Are you scared? Superstitious?

Oh c’mon. Friday the 13th isn’t that scary. Granted, it’s produced some unusual Jewish baby stories — but in a good way.

Flloyd Olson, the Jewish-Nordic Yiddish-speaking governor of Minnesota, was born on Friday the 13th (in Nov. 1891).

And almost 150 years later, this heart warming story unfolded aboard the refugee ship Mousihno:

The baby born on shipboard–on Friday, the 13th–is Henryk Kaston, son of a Polish Jewish violinist, who served in the French army on the Maginot Line, was captured by the Germans, but managed to escape by a ruse and finally reached Lisbon to rejoin his wife.

If these happy tales aren’t enough to shake your superfluous superstition, be grateful: In 1928, Kodak founder George Eastman advocated for a 13-month calendar — where every month would have had a Friday the 13th.

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