Jewish Wikipedia wish list


On Wikipedia is going dark for 24 hours on Wednesday, Jan. 18. If you need reliable info on modern Jewish experience, you may have to rely on us for a bit. 

Which is perfectly OK: we have plenty of stuff that Wikipedia doesn’t.

Since 1917, JTA has been a non-partisan Jewish news source covering "all the news concerning Jews." 

Wikipedia is undeniably useful, and we’d like to see more of our content reflected in it. When it boots up again on Thursday, here 5 edits we’d like to see:

Are you a Wikipedia editor with an interest in Jewish history? Do you want to be one? E-mail us. We’d like to hear from you.

To read about why Wikipedia is shutting down for a day, click here.

[h/t Dr. Jonathan Sarna for 2 of the items on this list.]

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