Political Points: Cantor power, Romney rolls, Jon Stewart’s Super-PAC


CANTOR THE POWERFUL: House Majority Leader tops GQ’s “50 most powerful people in Washington list.”

SCHUMER SIBLING’S MCCONNELL GIVE: Senators Chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnell have a history of acrimony, yet the former’s brother donated $1,000 to the latter’s reelection committee.

JINSA DEFECTIONS: After canning a longtime staffer, the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs lost several of its most prominent advisory board members, including former CIA chief James Woolsey and former Pentagon official Richard Perle.


WAXMAN’S TOUGH TALK: Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA) says that Republicans are going to have to give a lot of ground if the payroll tax cut and unemployment benefits are going to be extended.

SOUTH CAROLINA’S TOLERANCE: Southern politics expert Jack Bass reviews South Carolina’s history of religious tolerance and Jewish political involvement.

ROMNEY’S ROLL: Elizabeth Rubin writes that Mitt Romney is “moving toward the nomination both because his opponents have been ineffective (and self-defeating) and because, for all the eye-rolling in the media and the distaste for him among right-wing pundits, he has developed a solid conservative agenda.”

REAL TURKEY TROUBLES: Michael Rubin says that while Rick Perry’s criticism of Turkey may have lacked precision, progressives “are fiddling while Turkish women literally burn.”

JON STEWART’S SUPER-PAC: Jon Stewart inherited fellow comedian and faux presidential aspirant Stephen Colbert’s Super-PAC, and now the two are exploring the boundaries of “coordination,” which is, in at least its strictest definition, strictly prohibited.

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