Political Points: Perry’s out, Lew’s Sabbath, Axelrod’s next project


PERRY’S OUT, GINGRICH’S EX SPEAKS: Rick Perry dropped out of the race and endorsed the surging Newt Gingrich, whose candidacy faces a new challenge in the form of an interview given by his former wife in which she said that her ex-husband wanted an open marriage. (Also, it looks like Romney maybe didn’t win the Iowa caucuses after all.)

LEW AND SHABBAT: Rabbi Ethan Tucker examines what it means to have a Sabbath-observant White House chief of staff.

AXELROD’S POST-ELECTION PROJECT: After the 2012 election, top Obama adviser David Axelrod will take the helm of a new nonpartisan politics institute at the University of Chicago.


WITH FRIENDS LIKE THESE…: Gershom Gorenberg argues that the nature of Republican candidates’ support for Israel is actually bad for Israel.

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