Monday Morning After: All the Jewish celebrity news you missed when you were out partying


Yeah, I’m sure you had a crazy weekend. I mean, it was snowing in most parts of the country and more importantly, we found out the starting lineup for the 2012 Puppybowl.

Well, while you were busy playing in the snow, with puppies, and football, some Jewish celebs were still making news. Here’s what happened.

  • Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers announced that Regina Spektor will be joining their tour. Not bad for a Russian-born graduate of a Jewish school to become an American Girl.
  • Good news for “30 Rock fans.” Very soon you’ll see Andy Samberg playing Words with Friends together with Alec and Tina. Samberg will be appearing in several episodes together with Emma Stone and Nick Cannon.
  • In other SNL-related news, blog favorite Maya Rudolph had a chance to work with Molly Shannon on NBC’s “Up All Night,” and Rudolph was absolutely ecstatic to work with the “Superstar.”
  • Hasn’t been going well for Chelsea lately (ha). The late-night comedian who switched to network comedy is not getting very supportive reviews for her new show “Are You There, Chelsea?”
  • Andrew Garfield is going to be Spider-Man. Emma Stone is going to be his love interest. Apparently the two revealed that there is some sexy spidey stuff in store that may overshadow the upside-down kiss of Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst.

Now that you’re up to speed, relax, take an Advil for you hangover, and pretend like you’re working.

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