2012 Oscar nomination are in! And they have Jews! And Israelis!


The 2012 Academy Award nominations were posted a few hours ago and it seems like Billy Crystal will be hosting a big ol’ Jewish party to once again reaffirm that we control Hollywood. Three Jewish filmmakers are nominated for best film (though there are nine nominated films so it’s not as exciting):

Steven Spielberg for “War Horse,” Rachael Horovitz for “Moneyball” and Stephen Tenenbaum and Letty Aronson for “Midnight in Paris.” Aronson, who happens to be Woody Allen’s sister, will probably be seeing a lot of her brother during the show because Woody is also nominated for an Academy Award as best director for the same film.

Jonah Hill is also nominated for an Oscar for his supporting role in Moneyball. I repeat, Jonah Hill is nominated for an Academy Award. Think about it for a second: Next time you see any of his redonkulous movie trailers the trailer voice-over guy will say, “Academy Award nominated (or winner?!) Jonah Hill.” Scary thought.

In foreign news, Israel is back on the map with Joseph Cedar’s wonderful film “Footnote” (Sony will release it in March; I highly recommend it). “Footnote” will be competing against Agnieszka Holland, Jewish director of the foreign film “In Darkness” from Poland, which talks about Jews who were hiding in the gutters of Lvov during the Holocaust.

The Oscars will take place on Sunday, February 26th. 6noBacon will be updating before, during and after the event. Unless there aren’t any Jews who win it. Screw the anti-Semites.

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