Jerry Seinfeld is bashful about his fame


Contrary to popular belief, Seinfeld did not crawl under a rock after his show ended and forgot he was famous. It was, in fact, on purpose.

In a recent video posted on The Huffington Post, Seinfeld admits he just didn’t like “being a thing:”

I left LA and I tried to break back into the middle … and that’s made me feel comfortable. To be honest with you, I never felt great being at that pinnacle. There was a point where the show was really at a very high level of, it was a thing. It was the thing for a period of time. And I thought, this is not good, because it’s not where I belong. This is not comedy. I always thought comedy and star are mutually exclusive.”


That, my friends, is a man true to his art. Check out the vid below.

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