Egyptians gather in Tahrir Square to mark uprising


(JTA) — Thousands of Egyptians gathered in Tahrir Square in Cairo to mark the first anniversary of the uprising that led to the ousting of President Hosni Mubarak.

Liberal and Islamist protesters gathered in groups on opposite sides of the square, according to reports.

The Muslim Brotherhood, the Islamist movement that won nearly half the seats in the new Parliament, sent many of its followers to the square, according to The New York Times.

Other protesters called for an end to military rule.  A constitution is expected to be ratified in June, when a president is supposed to be elected.

The military government made the day a national holiday.

Mubarak stepped down on Feb. 11, 2011, and is on trial for the killing of hundreds of protesters during the uprising.

No soldiers or police were in evidence in the square on Wednesday.

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