Knesset launches caucus to strengthen ties to American Jewry


JERUSALEM (JTA) — The Knesset inaugurated a caucus to strengthen Israeli lawmakers’ knowledge and sensitivity to the American Jewish community.

The Israel-American Jewish Knesset Caucus was launched Wednesday to raise awareness with Israeli lawmakers about the agendas and priorities of the American Jewish community vis-a-vis Israel, Ynet reported.

Ronit Tirosh of the Kadima Party will chair the caucus. Tirosh is one of six Israeli lawmakers who visited American Jewish communities last year as part of the first Ruderman Fellows Program, which is designed to educate Israeli lawmakers about the American Jewish community.

The caucus is expected to become the "central Knesset address for all issues related to the American Jewish community," according to a caucus statement. 

A poll taken this month sponsored by the Ruderman Family Foundation found that 77 percent of Israeli respondents agreed that it was extremely important for members of the Knesset to consider Diaspora views. The poll also found that 87.5 percent of Israelis “believe that the American Jewish community is important to the future and security of the State of Israel.”

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