The Incoming Jewish College Freshman’s Cultural Quiz


1. The name of the global movement to delegitimize Israel?

2. Author of NY Review of Books article slamming Jewish establishment for being too right wing and turning off young Jews?

3. Name of the pro-peace process, pro-Israel lobby?

4. The program that offers a free trip to Israel for young Jews?

5. “The Case for Israel” author?

6. The embattled Israeli city that has incurred Hamas rocket fire for years?

7. What’s the AJWS?

8. Beautiful Oscar-winning actress (who has a child with a ballet dancer) who happens to speak fluent Hebrew?

9. Most famous Jewish literary family whose three brothers are all accomplished authors?

10. Non-judgmental campus group that will give you a good Shabbos meal?

11. That group’s late (maybe?) spiritual leader?

12. Refusenik turned Likudnik turned top campus speaker?

13. Hillel’s top gun?

14. “Glee’s” Jewish bad boy?

15. What’s the ISM?

16. Former Red Sox general manager, now GM of the Cubs?

17. Former welterweight champ from Ukraine?

18. Kidnapped and released IDF soldier?

19. Weeklong Israel hate-fest on campus every March?

20. Great Neck SAT scam mastermind?

21. Yeshiva University’s ranking on U.S. New and World Report’s 2012 list of best colleges?

22. Brandeis’ ranking?

23. Colleges with largest Hillel (public and private)?

24. Steroid-implicated National League MVP from the Milwaukee Brewers?

25. Texas Rangers all-star second baseman?

Bonus question: Occupy Judaism leader?

1. BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions.) 2. Peter Beinart. 3. J Street. 4. Birthright Israel. 5. Alan Dershowitz. 6. Sderot. 7. American Jewish World Service. 8. Natalie Portman. 9. The Foers (Jonathan Safran, Franklin and Joshua). 10. Chabad. 11. Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson. 12. Natan Sharansky. 13. Wayne Firestone. 14. Noah “Puck” Puckerman (Mark Salling). 15. International Solidarity Movement. 16. Theo Epstein. 17. Yuri Foreman. 18. Gilad Shalit. 19. Apartheid Week. 20. Samuel Eshaghoff. 21. #45. 22. #31. 23. University of Florida, NYU. 24. Ryan Braun. 25. Ian Kinsler.

Bonus question: Daniel Sieradski