L.I. Synagogue Boots Controversial Caterer From Its Premises


Morrell Caterers of Woodbury, L.I., which has been accused by its former general manager and its chief chef of preparing non-kosher food in one of the synagogues it serves, has had its contract terminated by one of them.

The Woodbury Jewish Center served a 10-day notice of termination on the firm late Tuesday that orders it to vacate the premises by March 5. The notice reportedly cites not only halachic (Jewish law) concerns but material breaches of its contract, including the allegation that Morrell Caterers has not paid the synagogue for the last two years.

Morrell Caterers’ lawyers are going to court today (Thursday) to seek a temporary restraining order.

Letters were sent to the congregation Thursday night notifying it of the termination by both the synagogue rabbi, Raphael Adler, and its president, Cindy Matte.