Study Medicine in Haifa


The Technion American Medical Students (TEAMS) Program offers an excellent opportunity for qualified U.S. pre-med college graduates to pursue a career as physicians at the Technion- Israel Institute of Technology, in Haifa. The program combines a strong curriculum in basic medical sciences at a world-class technological institute, with clinical education at some of the finest medical centers in the country. Whether students decide to return to the US for their residencies or stay in Israel to practice, the TEAMS program offers a full north-American English-language medical-school experience with all the added advantages of being in Israel.

Student Profile: David Ozeri

“I grew up in New York with a strong Zionist education and always felt a deep connection to Israel. After high school I spent my gap year in Israel and then came back to the US for college. Whilst I was taking my pre-med courses, I met my wife and we got married.”

“When it came time to applying to medical schools, my wife and I decided that studying in Israel would allow us to “test the waters” for making aliyah in the future. I started looking into programs and the TEAMS program at the Technion really stood out. The university has a great reputation and everyone I spoke to seemed really impressed by it. So I applied, was accepted, and now four years and two kids later, I cannot believe it’s almost the end!”

“The education at the Technion is really second to none. Our professors are top in their fields and because this is one of the few medical schools in the world that is incorporated into a technological academy, there is a huge focus on research. It’s such a strong part of the rhetoric here, and we have access to incredible research opportunities. Even though I’m learning how to be a clinician, I also feel like a scientist—like I’m really part of the future. And I think that’s a really strong part of a doctor’s education.”

“I spent three months this past year doing electives in hospitals in the US. Not only did I feel 100% clinically prepared to work within the American medical system but I have the added bonus of really understanding the Israeli medical system too, which will no doubt stand me in good stead when we come back to live in Israel in the future.”

“In addition to the academic side of things, I’ve also gained tremendously from the social and cultural aspects of living in Israel. Although I’d been to Israel many times before as a tourist, I never knew what it was like to live here as an Israeli. I now have Israeli friends, I play basketball with Israelis and my Hebrew is good. I’ve even come to appreciate the differences in culture. For example, when Israelis unashamedly ask you the most personal of questions, it’s not because they’re rude, it’s because they genuinely care about you! Haifa is also an amazing place to live—it’s always warm and sunny and we’re literally two seconds away from the beach!”

“All in all, my four years spent in the TEAMS program have proved invaluable, both in terms of my medical career as well as my life experience.”