Coffee and a bagel: Mr. Coffee creator Samuel Glazer, bagel magnate Murray Lender, have died


Two Jewish entrepreneurs with a flare for sensing the changing tastes of the American consumer, and whose products likely often were used at the same tables, died within 10 days of each other.


Samuel Glazer, who co-founded the company that developed electric drip coffee maker, Mr. Coffee, died March 12 in Cleveland at 89.

Murray Lender, who helped mainstream bagels by creating frozen versions that were sold in supermarkets nationwide, died March 21 at 81.

According to the New York Times, Mr. Coffee, which was introduced in 1972 caught on quickly, and its parent company sold more than 1 million coffee makers in three years. Mr. Coffee held half of the market for years, spurred by the visible presence of NY Yankeees Joe DiMaggio, the company’s spokesman.

Glazer and his partner sold their company for $82 million in 1987. Glazer was born in Cleveland and lived there until his death.

NBC said that Murray Lender had "such a passion" for frozen food and established and co-chaired the first National Frozen Food Month in March of 1984.

It may have been coincidental, but obituaries of each man mentioned their connection to Johnny Carson, onetime host of the iconic Tonight Show on NBC for decades. Glazer became friends with Carson and regularly gave him Mr. Coffee machines as Christmas presents. Lender once made a "life-sized" bagel on Carson’s Tonight show.

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