Md. campaign flyer highlights number of Jewish senators


WASHINGTON (JTA) — A campaign flyer connected to a U.S. Senate candidate in Maryland notes the number of Jewish senators now serving. 

A flyer for C. Anthony Muse, a Democratic state senator and an African American, points out that there are no African Americans serving in the U.S. Senate while highlighting the 12 Jewish senators in office. 

According to the Muse campaign, the flyer was “misleading and inaccurate,” but when pressed by the Baltimore Sun about who was responsible for sending it out, the campaign’s spokesperson did not clarify whether it was the Muse campaign that sent the flyer or a third party. 

Members of the Maryland Jewish community have criticized the flyer. 

"I’m not happy with it," Arthur Abramson, executive director of the Baltimore Jewish Council, told the Baltimore Sun. "I would ask the candidate why the only religion he identified is Jewish."

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