Jason Segel’s suggested ending for ‘How I Met Your Mother’ is epic


The incredibly nice “How I Met Your Mother” star, Jason Segel, sat down with Jon Stewart to talk about his upcoming film “The Five Year Engagement.” During the interview, Stewart asked Segel the most common question actors from “HIMYM” are asked — when are we going to find out how the show’s main character, Ted, met his wife?

Apparently Segel had his own alternative, post-apocalyptic version of the show’s finale that he pitched to the writers, but they deemed it as “not romantic” or some kind of crap like that. But it has guns and explosions! Watch Segel as he describes his finale to Stewart and join me on a wonderful fantasy in which every episode of “How I Met Your Mother” was written by him.

Watch the interview (“HIMYM” question at the 3:50 mark), which also includes a very Jewish clip from his new film:

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