Friday Five: Y-Love, Mitchell Schwartz, Beatriz Rojkés, Lily Safra, Mark Zuckerberg


Y-Love exits the closet, with flair

The rapper Y-Love belongs to many minority groups: Born to an Ethiopian father and a Puerto Rican mother, he converted to Orthodox Judaism and now he’s out of the closet. “I want to be there at that gay pride festival, for that kid who has a baseball cap over his yarmulke,” the hip-hop artist also called Yitz Jordan told Out Magazine. “I know what it feels like to have to hide.” Y-Love is known for his Jewishly infused lyrics, occasionally dropping rhymes in Hebrew, Yiddish and even Aramaic. On the same day that the Out article was published, Y-Love released a new video, featuring shots of him dancing with a Chasidic man alternating with scenes of him rapping dressed in drag.

Mitchell Schwartz makes NFL a family affair

Things are going right — tackle, that is — for Mitchell Schwartz, the Cleveland Browns’ second-round draft pick. The 6-foot-5, 320-pound offensive lineman out of the University of California, Berkeley stepped right in as a starter in minicamp and on Sunday signed a four-year, $5.17 million contract. Browns head coach Pat Shurmur was impressed by Schwartz’s technique and fundamentals. "He’s a very sharp guy,” Shurmur said. Schwartz, of Los Angeles, joins older brother, Geoff, in the NFL — Geoff Schwartz, also an offensive lineman, signed a one-year deal with the Minnesota Vikings following three seasons with the Carolina Panthers. Reports say parents Lee and Olivia are kvelling!

Beatriz Rojkés presides in Argentina

Thanks to the travel schedule of its top two officials, Argentina had its first Jewish president — for, like, a day.Beatriz Rojkés, the provisional president of the Argentinean Senate and third in the pecking order, took the reins of the government for a day-and-a-half beginning Wednesday while President Christina Fernandez and Vice President Amado Boudou were traveling out of the country. It is doubtful that first ‘hombre’ José Alperovich was fazed by his wife’s sudden power: In 2003, he became the country’s first Jewish governor, serving his native Tucumán province, where Rojkés also grew up.

Lily Safra auctions her bling for charity

Lily Safra is not only 701st richest person in the world — with a net worth of $1.2 billion — she is also now the record holder for auctioning off the most expensive ruby ever sold: Her Burmese ruby and diamond ring sold for $6.7 million. The sale was part of Monday’s auction of some of Safra’s jewels — called Jewels for Hope — that raised almost $38 million for 32 charities, including a number of Jewish and Israeli causes. Safra is the widow of Edmond Safra, a Lebanese-born banker and Jewish philanthropist who died in 1999.

Mark Zuckerberg cashes in

Those who believe Jews are rich and control the media won’t have their faith shaken by the publicity surrounding Facebook’s IPO. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, a Jewish Harvard dropout from Dobbs Ferry, N.Y., may be worth $18 billion by the time you read this. That’s chai — times a billion. Zuckerberg may not be shul-goer, but his Talmud-like social network website is changing the way Jews think, communicate, learn, celebrate, mourn, work, raise money and waste time. Still, don’t expect Zuckerberg to be getting much praise at Sunday’s haredi Orthodox anti-Internet rally in New York.

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