Shia LaBeouf visits poverty-struck Roma children


The actor/comic book artist had a chance to visit underprivileged children of Roma decent (we know them under the less-PC name “Gypsies”) in Los Angeles, Just Jared reports.

LaBeouf, who is behind “The Campaign Book,” an indie art book publisher, which goal is to “re-invigorate physical media by challenging tradition,” tweeted about his experience, and was all praises about the kids he worked with.

LaBeouf tweeted that “roma kid are f***ing g,” super strong and made friends with a kid who “under some stairs with his sister and 3 brothers” and apparently can “belch like a f***ing dragon.”

LaBeouf, who turned 26 yesterday, seems to have going in a much more positive direction than his somewhat troubled past, good for you Shia!

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