The mysterious case of Drake, the lawyer and the stolen Rolex


This may be one of the most bizarre crime stories of the year, rapper Drake is accused of owning a Rolex watch, which allegedly is originally owned by a famous Manhattan entertainment lawyer.

The story goes like this:

James McMillan, an entertainment lawyer took his $300,000 Rolex to be cleaned in Manhattan’s Rafaello & Co., a watch store that serves plenty of celebrities. Apparently, the store owner Rafael Aranbayev liked the watch so much he was allegedly wearing it.

When McMillan wanted his watch back, Aranbayev couldn’t give it, so he offered a replacement watch, since the original one was apparently sold to Jewish-Canadian rapper Drake.

Drake told the New York Post that the Rolex is his, and he got it directly from Rolex, and “never heard of this jewler,” which is a little odd considering that he took a photo with store employees in front of a Radaello & Co. backdrop.

So right now there is still no solution to this dramatic case, we will update as soon as we know more details.

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