The Orthodox Jewish cover of Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’: ‘Rebbe Rebbe Rebbe Oh!’ (VIDEO)


Apparently we are on the verge of a “Jewish Justin Bieber” apocalypse or something.

At first it was Edon Pinchot on “America’s Got Talent.” Now this – a ridiculously adorable (and adorably ridiculous) cover of the Biebs’ “Baby” – “Rabbi” by the “Shepsalach.”

The man behind the song (which is sung in Hebrew with English accents and subtitles) is Yuval Nobelman, a film student who is working on a comedy about an Orthodox Jewish boy band – “The Shepsalach” (means little sheep in Yiddish) – featuring other parody versions of pop songs.

Watch the video below. My favorite part: the faces the big kid makes when he’s blowing the shofar. Absolutely priceless.

Also, where can I get a menorah keyboard?!

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