No more winning: Charlie Sheen quits Twitter


The 16 month Charlie Sheen-Twitter takeover is finally over, as the outspoken actor officially signed off from Twitter Thursday.  On March 2011 Sheen was dismissed from the popular CBS comedy “Two and a Half Men” after a visit to rehab that halted production. The dismissal followed by a public collision with series creator Chuck Lorre, a collision that got very personal very fast, and even escalated to series of mutual insults, one of them, Sheen’s referral to Lorre as “Chaim Levine” (Lorre’s birth name is Charles Levine) was deemed anti-Semitic by some.

Shortly after, Sheen experienced what can only be referred to as a meltdown, as Sheen appeared in a series television interviews claiming that he is a “warlock” with “tiger blood” running in his veins. Sheen was able to successfully transfer his, umm, creative thoughts to Twitter, and coined terms like #winning and #tigerblood. It took him 25 hours and 17 minutes to reach 1 million followers, a Guinness World Record (they record that?!). Sheen basically documented his entire life on Twitter, even during very personal occurrences.

And now all of that is done. It seems that from all things Sheen needed to quit, he may have chose the wrong substance. Sheen declined to give a reason for leaving Twitter.

His last tweet read “Reach for the stars everyone. Dogspeed cadre. c out.” Sheen’s account had about 7,700,000 at the time of its perishing.

Here is an autotuned music video of Sheen’s “wild” days:


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