When Barbra Streisand called Seth Rogen’s mom


Seth Rogen is currently working with Barbra Streisand on the new movie “The Guilt Trip,” in which Babs plays Rogen’s overbearing mother. According to the “National Enquirer,” during one of the filming days Rogen made Streisand call his actual mother and tell her: “Sandy, it’s Barbra Streisand – don’t forget to take your vitamins!” (How many of you read the quote in your head with an über-Jewish accent?)

Apparently Rogen’s mother was quick on the response, saying: “Barbra, my son told me you’re the worst diva he’s ever worked with!”

Yikes. Well, turns out Sandy Rogen was joking… she was able to level a quick retort since she’s used to being pranked by her son. “You can’t fool me!” she told him. The actor-son then explained everything to Babs and the awkward moment passed.


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