NJDC video finds Obama fans in Sderot and on Jerusalem streets


The National Jewish Democratic Council has a new video highlighting average Israelis who are fond of President Obama.

The main focus of the video, which is titled "What do Israelis think of Obama?" is Sderot, where residents express their appreciation for the president’s support of the Iron Dome rocket interceptor system. The video next goes to Jerusalem, where it finds yet more fans (several of them apparently Orthodox, judging by their attire).

The video ends on a strange note, with what appears to be an interceptor missile being shot into the air and exploding (in keeping the the Iron Dome focus).


Of course, the video reflects the agenda of its sponsor, and one could certainly also find Israelis who aren’t as keen toward the president. Still, polls show that Obama’s overall image in Israel has improved. (One person interviewed in the NJDC’s video noted: "At first we were not so certain about Obama. But fortunately for us we had a pleasant surprise.")

Back in April, a Jerusalem Post-sponsored poll found that Jewish Israelis were divided on whether the president is more pro-Israeli or more pro-Palestinian.

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