Jewish kid sings with Springsteen


James Oppenheim, who moved to Israel with his wife and eight(!) children, took four of them back to the States for an East Coast trip. Oppenheim discovered that Bruce Springsteen was performing in Boston, decided to take his clan from New York to Beantown, and won a lottery for front-row seats to the concert. His kid even went on stage to sing with Springsteen, who justifies his nickname, “The Boss.”

Oppenheim describes his unique and awesome experience in a blog post. How do you think the four kids left behind in Israel are feeling?


Seventeen songs in (I checked later), the band got to “Waitin’ on a Sunny Day.” Bruce started singing it far back, but then walked over, our way. My heart was racing. I pulled out our new camera and started filming. Then there he was, right in front of us.

He looked down, paused, and gestured to Morty — upturned palms and shrug indicating something like, “Nu?”

Like, “You knew this was going to happen, right?”

Mendel lifted Morty to the stage.

There he was, in all his utterly-living-the-moment-ness, beaming, standing next to the Boss.

But, boy, did he not know the words. This didn’t stop him. Neither did the outrageousness of the situation — up on stage with Bruce, in front of tens of thousands of people, not really knowing what was expected of him.

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